Welcome to my family genealogy.
This section contains photographs, narrative, ship manifests, census data, ..., arranged basically in chronological order.
Another section contains a genealogical Descendent Chart (Geni) and can be reached by clicking here.
A third section is a name index with links, and can be seen by clicking here.

Now lets begin the story
I'm breaking my family genealogy first into my father's and then my mother's sections as you can see below.

I placed an Index below (still a draft) so you can get directly to the person within the Genealogy you are interested in.

The first starts with grandmother Bella Schwartz's Romanian family since I know nothing of grandfather Julius Glickman's Russian side. Grandmother's family came from Jassy (Iasi, Jassi,...) Romania. Grandfather Julius came out of Russia, went to Romania, and married Bella about 1898-1899 with Millie being born early 1900.  According to the 1910 US Census grandmother Bella was his second wife.  He left Romania, reunited the family in England where Leah was born in November 1904, Israel (Isadore) in November 1905, and Mary in November 1907.  He emigrated to Rochester, NY, in 1907,  and brought Bella and children over in 1910.

Link to father's family

Mother's family came from Suwalki in Poland. It was part of Russia then.  Grandfather Wolf Kanowicz (Kanowicz was the name on the ship's manifest; then changed to Cohen) arrived in Rochester in 1904, grandmother and children arrived in 1907 (name was Kanowicz also) on the SS Abraham Lincoln.

Link to mother's family

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  1. Hey I am related to Neil and Gail Sadick who had Sara. I was wondering if you had any inforamtion on Neil's fathers parents Nathan Sadick and Leah/Lena Blacka. I have not been able to find any. If you do have any information PLEASE feel free to email me

    thanks :)